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VD: Anna Malmhake

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Karriär på The Absolut Company

The Absolut Company i Åhus/Nöbbelöv

Samhället Åhus i Skåne, med 10 000 invånare, är kanske inte tillräckligt stort för att sätta på världskartan, men vodkan som destilleras här är världskänd. Faktum är att varje konsumerad droppe av Absolut Vodka kommer från Åhus med omnejd.


Höstvete som växer i regionen och vatten från en egen undervattenskälla förser destilleriet med råvaror som blir till miljoner flaskor Absolut Vodka som sedan säljs världen över.


Produktionen består av två delar, att tillverka sprit och att fylla vodka i flaskor som kapsyleras och packas.


Sprit tillverkas i Nöbbelöv av höstvete som bearbetas, jäses, kontinuerligt renas och blir till 96% sprit. Spriten transporteras till våra vodkablandningar i Åhus som blandar ut det till 40% vodka och smaksatt vodka. När blandningarna är klara släpps produkten ner till tappningen som fyller och kapsylerar flaskan som sedan får etiketter och hätta på sig innan de packas i kartonger på pall för lagerläggning eller skeppning till kunder.


Vårt motto är att producera rätt vara med hög kvalitet och till rätt pris, med så liten miljöpåverkan som möjligt.


The Absolut Company i Stockholm


Back in 1979, a few daring entrepreneurs managed to bring an unknown Swedish Vodka onto the highly competitive U.S.  Market. The name of the new brand was Absolut Vodka and it quickly became the natural choice for the cool vodka drinker. Following an iconic ad campaign with Andy Warhol, Absolut Vodka established itself as a way of life - one intimately connected with art, design, fashion and creativity that is still true to this day.


Our head office in Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm employs 200 people, who handle all strategic brand management and innovation for our portfolio. The Absolut Company also employs staff in Canada and the United States. Together, we strive for innovation in everything we do.


Since 2008, The Absolut Company has been a part of the Pernod Ricard group, growing its portfolio to include several new brans. We are now a global industry leader, known for our fast-moving, agile way of doing things, and we are proud to say that one vital ingredient has always remained at the hear of our success: The passion and perseverance of our people.


People are our biggest asset. Great brands are built by passionate people, simply because passionate people strive to make a difference. Since the days of our founders L.O. Smith and Paul Ricard, The Absolut Company and Pernod Ricard have thrived from a legacy of creative entrepreneurs and progressive thinkers. Where we are today is a result of this entrepreneurial mind-set.


At The Absolut Company, we are a family of 500 co-workers from around the world – a diverse workforce loaded with talent and ambition to drive commercial performance.


Based in Sweden, The Absolut Company is responsible for the global production, innovation and strategic marketing of Absolut Vodka, Malibu, Kahlúa and Our/Vodka.


By marrying profit with purpose we have successfully created a brand portfolio of the highest quality, catering to consumers in more than 150 markets worldwide.


What unifies us as a company is our passion for progression. From sustainable choices to achieve climate neutral production, breakthrough innovation, and creative development to a strong sense of ethics with regards to marketing alcoholic beverages, we want to make a difference for the better. Our aim is to be a role model in the spirits industry.

Empower our employees

People are at the heart of our community and sustainability platform. The competence and engagement of each individual is a prerequisite for a successful sustainability work. The employees are challenged to make a difference and to find innovative solutions on their daily workplace. By empowering all employees and strive for inclusiveness and diversity, we aim at constantly developing the workplace and thereby the employee's health and well-being.


Being a company that produces and sells alcoholic beverages, it is crucial to take responsibility and act as a good example. Therefore, The Absolut Company has a policy for employees on the use of alcohol. Within that, there are guidelines for employees and management on how to act within the company.


To build a company that can meet future challenges and consumer needs, the workforce needs to be diverse. Differences enrich the workplace and promote creativity, and The Absolut Company has set high targets on creating balanced teams. The company undertakes various actions to meet this goal such as strengthening support for female leadership or ensuring diversity in recruitment and education of employees.


To get a balanced workforce it’s essential to focus on increasing the number of female managers. We set an ambitious goal of having a 50/50 gender balance among all managers by 2018, and we have already reached that goal. Today, we not only have a 50/50 gender balance on our Executive Committee, but across all management levels at the company. We also aim to be more diverse in other aspects, such as age, different backgrounds and nationality for example.




Besides working for greater diversity, The Absolut Company also puts a lot of effort into improving the health and well-being of its employees. We work together with a consultancy group that specializes in stress management. We contracted them for some specific cases, in which a few of our employees needed help with managing stress.


The company strives to constantly develop and improve the management and leadership at the company. By monitoring the well-being through employee surveys, the results and progressions are mapped each year. In that survey, aspects such as empowerment, innovation and working environment are measured. The results are used to map the areas where there is still room for improvement, and provides a stepping stone for the company to make our working environment even better in following years.


A proud part of Pernod Ricard

The Absolut Company - a proud part of Pernod Ricard


We are proud to have such a strong portfolio of innovative brands. In addition to Absolut Vodka, Pernod Ricard entrusted The Absolut Company with the global management of both Malibu and Kahlúa in 2009. The focus on innovation has generated several product developments since then as well as the two entirely new brands, Absolut Elyx and Our/Vodka, built solely from our own passionate intrapreneurs.

Our head office in Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm employs 200 people, who handle all strategic brand management and innovation for our portfolio. The Absolut Company also employs staff in Canada and the United States. Together, we strive for innovation in everything we do.

Just like in the early days, Absolut Vodka is still produced in the small town of Åhus, where the company has 300 employees. From that single source, 99 percent of all Absolut Vodka is then sold abroad, making it Sweden's single largest export product in the food category.

The Absolut Company is one of six brand companies within Pernod Ricard. The brand companies manufacture and develop products, and define the global marketing strategy, while the market companies adapt their strategy for the local markets. Pernod Ricard’s extensive distribution network entails 80 market companies covering more than 150 markets worldwide. Brand companies and market companies both report to Pernod Ricard Holding, a listed private equity company that is responsible for the overall strategy of the group and is headquartered in Paris. So in essence, the word “glocal” fits pretty nicely to our company.


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Lediga jobb på The Absolut Company

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