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Karriär på Electrolux

Meet some of your future colleagues!

Erika berättar hur det är att arbeta med marknadsföring på Electrolux. 

”Jag är jättestolt över att arbeta på Electrolux och tycker det är jättehäftigt med allt vårt miljö- och hållbarhetsarbete som pågår just nu.”



Christoffer berättar om den viktiga transformationen från dagens kundservice till Customer Engagement Center.

”Min främsta uppgift är att säkerställa att min grupp har rätt verktyg, och framför allt rätt kunskap för att kunna leverera en kundservice i världsklass.”



Varför flyttade Joao till Sverige för att ansluta sig Electrolux? Joao berättar även om vårt viktiga Continuous Improvement-arbete. 

”I have the perfect job because I am make sure that our processors are efficient and that people in the business can deliver what brings the most value for the organization.”



Vad gör att Electrolux är det bästa bolaget att arbeta på? Anders berättar med stolthet varför du ska börja hos oss.

”Jag kan vara med och påverka inriktning och vilken väg vi ska gå.”



Watch the film about our vision: Shape living for the better




Mission and Drivers


We reinvent taste, care and wellbeing experiences for more enjoyable and sustainable living around the world.

To create these experiences we focus our innovation on three areas:

We help people make great tasting, healthy food for friends and family. An oven that cooks evenly or a hob with precise temperature controls and high speed, can enable consumers and give them the confidence and skills to do well.

We help consumers care for their clothes by making them stay new and great looking for longer. Electrolux delivers solutions that allow consumers to put their favorite clothes into the washing machine and be completely confident in the result.

People are concerned about the air that they breathe and their environment. We call that wellbeing. Electrolux helps consumers get a better home environment through floor care, air care and water care.
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The purpose is underpinned by three drivers: Act Sustainably, Create Better Experiences and Always Improve. The drivers guide our behaviors, give direction to our strategies, and convey the core of how we behave as a company.

Act sustainably

Inspire and contribute to a change for the better.

We are determined to shape living for the better of our customers and for the health of our planet. We are proud of our Scandinavian heritage and our accomplishments, but we intend to improve further and to make smarter, more resource efficient solutions available for everyone. To develop better operations for our coworkers and the communities around us. To always act ethically and respect human rights. To work together with customers and professional partners who share our desire to change for the better.

Create better experiences

Design solutions that elevate the everyday.

Experiences are in the food our customers put on their plate, the way they care for their clothes, the quality of the air they breathe or the water they drink. Better experiences not only elevate our customers’ every day, but are also mindful of our society and our planet.

Always improve

Think new and never settle.

We never settle, and are always curious and forward leaning. We see opportunities where others see problems and make things happen. That is what it takes to shape living for the better.

Lediga jobb på Electrolux

Lediga jobb på Electrolux

Electrolux jobb: Vill du se vilka jobb vi har just nu?

Electrolux jobb - En inblick i hur det är att jobba på Electrolux: 80 omdömen, 16 lediga jobb, 38 löner och kontorsbilder. Läs vad det anställda tycker och få en bättre inblick i Electrolux som arbetsplats baserat på information som finns publicerat av nuvarande och tidigare anställda på