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VD: Veronica Augustsson

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Karriär på Cinnober Financial Technology

About us

Cinnober delivers exchange and real-time clearing technology to market operators, clearinghouses, banks and brokers — actors with extreme demands on business functionality, speed and throughput. Many of the world’s leading trading and clearing venues build their most critical business processes using multi-asset solutions developed by Cinnober. Cinnober has approximately 300 employees and offices in Stockholm, Umeå and London.



Cinnober has its roots in Sweden – one of the world’s most innovative FinTech clusters. This is a business environment that clearly holds great appeal for talented people from all over the world. Our projects are conducted in English, Farsi, Swedish, български, Español, 普通話, Ruby, Groovy and Java. And new experience is added all the time, because all our development takes place in close partnership with our customers in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, London, New York, Johannesburg, Sydney, Bangkok...



We offer core solutions across the entire transaction chain – from price discovery and order matching to clearing and settlement of equities, currencies, commodities, fixed income and related derivatives. We also deliver systems for pre and post-trade risk management, monitoring, index calculation and market data services, which can function independently or as an integral part of core Cinnober trading and clearing solutions.



With an open mind and our ear to the market, we deliver solutions that unlock business value. On time and on budget. Using agile development and Scrum in particular, we enrich every phase of a project. Our clients are a natural part of our development teams. With well-defined targets and requirements, a high level of flexibility and continuous dialogue, we drive projects forward in sprints, hour by hour, day by day.



It is the mutual collaboration among work colleagues, clients and partners that changes the game. Behind every code snippet and service solution, there is an expert who can think that one step further – an expert who is keen to refine concepts and has the courage to challenge conventional wisdom. Innovation is a matter of developing the interplay between technology, people and markets. And having fun working together.



Our clients are not merely purchasing our systems – they are buying into our values and our ability to manage complex projects. And Cinnober leads these projects with Team, Trust and Transparency, core values that are equally crucial in our relationships with co-workers and the board as with clients and partners. And with a corporate culture that minimizes bureaucracy and hierarchy, our decision-making processes are streamlined and efficient.

Why work here?

This is how we work

An international flavor, coworkers who love programming, and variation in everyday tasks, this is what characterizes Cinnober according to the people working here. Check out this video with project managers Taraneh and Hans sharing their views of what it’s like to work at Cinnober.



Join us!

Looking for a challenging career that will tap into all your qualities? Being both down-to-earth and working with the latest in financial technology is part of our corporate soul. At Cinnober, you’ll be working with colleagues from over 40 nationalities in close partnership with some of the world’s leading trading and clearing venues from all different continents. Together we develop systems and services that manage risk and facilitate trading in securities, commodities, currencies – in fact, anything that can be bought or sold on an exchange. This is our way of contributing to fair and safe financial markets. This is how we work collectively to make the world a little bit better – every single day. 

Welcome to the family!

Are you interested in working at Cinnober but none of our current openings fit your profile or there are no vacant positions? Don’t let that stop you! We are always looking for new talent, so please register with our candidate pool for future opportunities here. If you have already registered or have previously applied for a job, you can update your profile here.

Meet some of our employees!

Meet developer Viktor Jakobsson who codes for global metal market

Work: Developer, in the LMEClear, which is the clearing project for the London Metal Exchange.

Education: Master of Science in Engineering Physics, Umeå University

Why did you join Cinnober?
I found programming to be the most interesting part of my education, so I wanted to work with complex systems. Cinnober seemed to fit the bill. 

What do you do here?
I have tried most things you can do while working in a customer project. I have done manual testing, created automatic tests, programed features, written requirements, worked with our test environments and builds, and deployed software. I think it has given me a better picture of the whole process than if I had only been programming. I still check our test environments at times, but mostly I program new features and fix bugs.

What is typical for this workplace?
A can-do attitude and flexibility. We make things happen and are not afraid to change what we provide and how we do it.

What do you like the most about working here? 
Freedom and responsibility. It feels like my colleagues trust me to get things done and can tell if I need some help. I like how you are encouraged to ask questions and to ask for help if you need it.

What has been your most memorable moment here at Cinnober?
The first time I got to present a feature that I had programmed to our customer at a demo. It was not a huge feature, but that first customer demo was very memorable, even if they have become a bit more mundane since then.



Meet Linda Åhren who is the link between customer and development team.

Work: Business analyst (BA) in the Boat LSE project, a cooperation between London Stock Exchange and our subsidiary Boat that builds and develops the trade reporting service TRADEcho.

Bachelor - Electronics with a major in Media Communication Engineering, Umeå University
Bachelor - Electronics with a major in Applied Electronics, Umeå University

Linda works as a business analyst (BA) in a project that builds the trade reporting service TRADEcho. Her job is to sort out the needs and requirements of the customer. “BAs, developers, and testers work closely together in teams. Everyone is very talented and we have a good mixture of people from different parts of the world.”

What do you do at Cinnober?
I work as a business analyst, or BA, which means that I work between the customer and our development team. I have a lot of dialogs with our customers. I sort out their needs to determine how we can deliver solutions that add value to their business. It is my job to document the requirements that we agree upon with the customer. These requirements are used by the developers and testers in the team later in the process.

What is typical for this workplace?
BAs, developers, and testers work close together in teams. I would also like to highlight the high quality coffee ;).

What do you like the most about working here?
The people. Everyone is very talented, and we have a good mixture of people from different cultures and different parts of the world, which I find interesting.

What has been your most memorable moment here at Cinnober?
When I was working with London Metal Exchange, I got to see the Ring—one of the last remaining open outcry trading floors—in action during one of my customer visits. That was a memorable experience! And also when we had our go-live day for a new system—it felt like being in the middle of a storm! Everyone on the team had to be in the office, prepared to fix things if something went wrong. We were not allowed to leave the office for lunch; it was served at the office. We all sat there, prepared for something to happen, something to dig into and fix. But nothing happened—everything worked as planned. It turned out to be one of my most laid-back days at work.



Meet Rafida Sultana who makes sure our clearing system is of top quality

Work: Test Automation Engineer in a clearing project for Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) project.

Education: Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of East London, Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from North South University Bangladesh.

Rafida started her career at Cinnober as an intern during her university studies. Today she works as a Test Automation Engineer in a customer project that supply the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s new clearing system. ”Cinnober is a fast growing, tech-driven company that provides solutions for many big financial companies in the world. Just what I was looking for!”

Why did you join Cinnober? 
It is a fast growing tech-driven company that provides solutions for many big financial companies in the world. Just what I was looking for! The testing role matched my profile and passion. I was offered an intern role at the beginning, and I was more than happy to take it.

What do you do at Cinnober?
My job is to test the TRADExpress RealTime Clearing solution that we are providing to JSE. I work with the automation part of testing, which means that I write functional tests for the use cases that are derived from the requirements. These tests run in regression during our continuous integration of development work. Besides this, I maintain all the functional tests, investigate failing tests, report bugs, plan for the test week that takes place before our release to the customer (we follow an agile process), and analyze code coverage.

What is typical for this workplace?
The warm and cozy work environment and the pople. You will find highly talented and motivated people working in all different projects and departments. Everyone involved in the project takes responsibility for quality assurance, starting from the project managers, business analysts, developers and, of course, the testers.

What has been your most memorable moment here at Cinnober?
On my first day at Cinnober, I started my training along with two other interns. Gunnar Mjöberg, one of the company founders and a senior engineer, left a bowlful of godis (candies) next to where we were sitting. Friendly-looking colleagues from all over the company came to say hello to us in exchange for the godis. I thought it was the nicest way to meet the people you will soon start working with.

Cinnober - a top company!


Cinnober is one of the top 100 Swedish career companies – again!

Cinnober has triumphed once again and entered the top list of the most attractive Swedish career companies. For the third year in a row, Cinnober is among the top 100 companies qualifying.

The jury’s reasons for selecting Cinnober are the following:

Cinnober’s employees represent over 30 nationalities; this diversity is a great asset because they have customers all over the world. In this international environment, Cinnober offers great opportunities to work abroad. At their office, the internal group “Multi-culti” arranges events that celebrate and honor employees’ origins. In a special niche industry, Cinnober rewards skills development and offers a broad range of internal training. All this, together with flexible working hours that help employees balance their work and free time, it is clear that Cinnober is one of Sweden's 100 Career Businesses for 2016.

We're also one of Sweden’s most attractive employers, according to Universums top100-list - for the fourth year in a row!
The complete list from Universum can be found at:


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Lediga jobb på Cinnober Financial Technology

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