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Bransch: Data & IT

VD: Anders Carlsarv

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Karriär på Symbio Sweden

Who we are

Symbio Sweden is centrally based in Stockholm and employs over 30 multinational talented individuals. Our business language is English but you can also practice your Portuguese, Mandarin, Spanish, French and Finnish.

We work with a diverse group of businesses from small startups to large international companies including Magine, Epicenter, Volvo, and H&M to name a few. Motivated by engaging projects, we are self-organized/cross-functional/end-to-end teams thus ensuring a total success and collaborative environment for both our partners as well as our employees.

​We believe we are one of the best tech companies to work for in Sweden. Don't believe us - just see what others have to say about us here on CareerEye!

"When we synthesize and invent and leap, we create a rare sort of value.​" - Seth Godin


I’m an experienced leader, passionated innovator and business developer.

I have a deep passion for digital technology and interest in how true co-creation can turn into high quality products and services. I always try to inspire my team to use their full potential, including skills, experience, and teamwork, to build innovative digital services that engage and amaze.

I believe that a great company culture, customer focus and teamwork is the foundation of a successful organisation. Today we need to be flexible and adjustable to changes in the market. With our strong team, where we help, trust, and respect each other, I know we have the conditions to succeed.

My mission is also to bring in interesting and challenging customer projects for my team. We sometimes work hard and under stress, but it is my role to make sure that everyone always feel inspiration, engagement and joyfulness in what they do. I strongly believe that’s what’s important to succeed in our business, but also to be an organisation where you can stay and grow in a long perspective.

Meet two of our employees

Jannica Thun, Developer:
"I can’t see why you wouldn’t like to work at Symbio!"

“I started at Symbio coming from a more of a corporate-kind-of company. I 'fell in love' by the startup-feeling with it’s flexibility and innovative projects and one thing that quickly caught my eye on my first visit to the office was the table tennis table."

"After working here for a while I must admit my expectations were exceeded. The working environment is very relaxed and creative with fun and up-to-date-in-tech colleagues and we often go and play badminton during the weeks and have afterworks on Fridays." 

"We’re sitting in a building together with many other inspiring startups and it’s really exciting to be part of the different startup-projects journeys we’re working with. In the projects we have the possibility to be able to contribute in so many ways – brainstorming in meetings with customers and not only code if you’re a programmer but also design the UI and really create a product from scratch. If you want to learn new skills such as try out project management or learn a new technique that’s more than welcome and encouraged. I can’t see why you wouldn’t like to work at Symbio!”


Jonas Brandvik, Frontend Developer:
"I like the idea of freedom under responsibility"


“My expectations before starting my employment at Symbio was to be engaged in exciting projects and to fuel my passion for learning new development techniques and technologies. I wanted to work with experienced people that have a genuine interest in software engineering and sharing personalities."

"For the last two months my expectations has been more than satisfied. I’ve already encountered tons of new development frameworks thanks to humble and intelligent people that have been more than willing to share their knowledge."

"I’m currently working in a project as a full-stack developer in a team of four developers. Even though the project only have started I feel that we have a great team spirit and a clear goal of where we are heading with the product. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one in the project that is excited about what we are building, and that is very inspiring. Every morning we meet up and discuss current issues and what lies ahead. For me this encourages great teamwork and the opportunity to see the full picture of the development process. But it can also be challenging because it demands good planning and estimations from each team member."

"Recently I moved to a village that is located outside Stockholm, which could be regarded as an issue cause of the increased distance to the office. But the possibility to work on the way to and from the office has solved that problem. I like the idea of freedom under responsibility.”

Our focus on VR/AR

VR is not about demos anymore. That’s in the past.

In the hype cycle of emergent tech, it has entered the slope.

We’re know as the company providing cutting edge IT solutions, mainly for App and Webb and that has been our foundation. But what we find really exiting is that our focus is now starting to also include the VR/AR-area which is growing rapidly.

Of course, there are steps to take like making it commercial but we’re so ready to do this. We are already working on really interesting projects and have strengthen the VR-team, ready to put ideas and technology together and lose all boundaries.

Lediga jobb på Symbio Sweden

Lediga jobb på Symbio Sweden

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